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Aim and Scope: International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (ISSN 1911-110X [print] and ISSN 1911-1118 [online]) UGC CARE 1 Journal upto October 2023 IJAEC, is published by the International Association for Sustainable Development and Management (IASDM) . IJAEC is a scholarly peer-refereed journal that promotes scientific, technical and managerial advances in the three intertwined disciplines of the built environment: Architecture, Engineering and Construction. IJAEC publishes original research papers, state-of-the-art review papers, novel industrial applications and insightful case studies in a broad scope of topics related to the three disciplines.

Electronic Manuscript Submission: Authors can register as a new user, log onto the system and submit manuscripts through the following web link: http://www.ijaec.rpress.co.in/. Submitting a manuscript to IJAEC for review means that all authors certify that the manuscript is not under review, accepted for publication or published elsewhere and that the copyright for all portions of this manuscript can and will be transferred to IASDMuponacceptance.Writtenpermissionsfromtheoriginalpublisherfor both print and online reproduction must be provided along with the manuscript if using previously published figures and/or tables. Discussion is welcomed for all materials published in IJAEC and will be considered individually for publication or private response. Detailed instructions to authors can be obtained online through the following web link:


Length Requirements: Although there is no strict limit on the maximum number of words or word-equivalent, it is recommended 5,000 for papers and 3,000 for discussions and closures.

SI Units: System International (SI) units should be used as the primary units of measure in all submissions.

Key Ethical Guidelines:

  1. The manuscript should present an accurate account of the work performed and an objective discussion of its significance;
  2. Data included in the manuscript should be real and authentic and it is unethical to falsify or fabricate data;
  3. The work of others contained in the manuscript should be properly acknowledged;
  4. Authors should not include citations with the primary purpose of increasing the number of citations to a given author’s publication;
  5. The authorship should include all and be limited to those who have made significant contributions to the study reported in the manuscript while duly acknowledging others who have participated in certain substantive aspects of the study;
  6. The corresponding author should ensure all co-authors have approved the manuscript and agreed to its submission for publication;
  7. Authors should acknowledge all funding sources for the study and follow the publishing mandates of the funding agencies, and any substantive conflict of interest that might be interpreted to influence the results should be disclosed;

Authors should notify IJAEC as soon as possible if a significant error or inaccuracy is discovered in a published manuscript so that the journal can take prompt remedial actions.

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